Friday, January 25, 2008

Do I read too much into things?

I wonder sometimes.

When I see this:
I want to know what it is saying. Is it a product for people who love their toilet seat so much they want to smother it with kisses? Or, is this a product for people who love their family and friends so much they want to say, "I'd love to kiss your ass"?

When I see this:
I hear Santa saying, "Hey kids! Want some candy? Well just reach inside my pants! There are lots of tasty treats under my belt buckle!"

Am I ill?

And, when I see this:
I wonder... where are the stores that sell condoms for use on site? And, was the market crying out for a store that sold condoms with the additional freedom of using them wherever you please? Was there a dark day long ago when condom purchasers were forced to use the condoms before leaving the shop? Were they recycled or something?

These are the things I ponder.


rr said...


Cough. Splutter.


Homo Ono said...

Sorry to have choked you up!

Alistair said...

Hurrah! I've found your blog....

Rachel is sitting in my front room in the January sunshine knitting and I'm sitting opposite on a big bean bag following her directions through the blogosphere.

We've just had Thai noodles and sherry and we're contemplating dark chocolate with cherries and more sherry. What do you think?

I love the blog. And i was thinking of you recently as I discovered that cover album by the Dirty Projectors of that Raw Power album. Wonderrful.

Do you know the homologous project by Jeffrey Lewis covering the British Raw Power, Crass? Very fine.


joe*to*hell said...

i sure hope that they have a drive thru at the condom place

thombeau said...

Thank you for favors granted!


Homo Ono said...

Special to Alistair: How great that you stopped by!!!! Fantastic to hear from you.

Are you talking about "Rise Above" by the Dirty Projectors? I may be confused.

Do not know the Jeffrey Lewis Crass but I'm downloading it as I type.

I will have to email you this weekend to catch up. I have so much new music right now- maybe I have some good suggestions for you.

Thai noodles, at your place, in the sunshine, in January, in London? Sounds perfect!

[My favorite food=Pad Kee Mao (with Thod Mun Pla running a close second.)]

And to answer your question:
Yes to cherry.
Yes to sherry.
Yes, always yes.

Homo Ono said...

Special to Thombeau:

No, thank you. I love every minute I'm there.