Friday, February 29, 2008

Song for a Happy Friday

This morning, as I drive up the Tollway on my way to toil away the day, I'll be listening to this, loudly...

Wave to me!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Via The Other Andrew via Apartment Therapy I happened to kris's color stripes a blog of color analysis that is absolutely fantastic. That's a lot more vias than I'm used to but this blog is right down my alley.

Bravo Kris! I love it!

Kris is taking photographs and breaking them down into color samples and the resulting combos are fantastic. Here are some examples of what is posted there:

The combinations with grey at the beginning are exactly what I have been in meetings discussing for the last two weeks.

See it all here.


My favorite thing about living in Dallas-
The Grackles
Quiscalus mexicanus

My new favorite toy-

Which is capable, btw, of much better video than the one above. I posted that just for the sound. My favorite thing about the Grackles- their loud obnoxiousness. They make themselves impossible to ignore. I like that in a bird.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


After the 3 1/2 hour meeting this afternoon, which was filled with much debate, we are now united in saying:

Grey is the new brown.

You heard it here first.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Agenda for February 20

8:30-12:30: "Cycle Time Reduction Training"- A 4 hour meeting on how to be more efficient with my time.

12:30-1:30: Lunch

1:30-5:00: "Plotting Expectations for the Color Marketing and Trend Meeting"- A 3 1/2 hour meeting to discuss our expectations for another meeting- which runs from 9-5 on Thursday.

This is my actual calendar.

To quote a dear friend, "They seem to have confused activity with action."

While gardening...

...I'll be wearing my fashionable Bug Stopper top and bottom.


To quote the catalog- "Keep pesky bugs from biting while you enjoy your gardening with this easy-on bug netting that protects your arms, face and body."

(BTW, no, I'm not a transsexual nor do I have an extra forearm and hand dangling from my elbow. This is just what happens when a catalog depicts men as bottoms and women as tops. Quite simply put, it's not God's way.)

Spring Planting

Something about this type of idealized catalog illustration has always fascinated me.

But I guess that was the intent.

Now I'm supposed to buy the stuff.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


That's where I've been for the last few days.

Inside a box of ever decreasing dimensions. Sealed tightly.

The new job has returned me to old habits of self doubt and loathing. Yet one therapy session today (the first in months) has returned a bit of more rational thought.

Therapist recommended anti-anxiety medication for the first time today. This makes me very anxious. No one has ever suggested medication before.

Have I gotten worse?

She proposed it as a way for me to experience the difference. She wondered if I truly felt what being relatively anxiety free felt like then I would more readily recognize stress and then be more apt to deal with it-- rather than wallow in it. She recommended it as a temporary experiment of sorts. I guess I have a tendency to not recognize the twisted mess I put myself in on a daily basis.

If any of my 6 blog readers have any experience with this I would love to hear about it. What has worked for you?

Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Geese

Today was such a lovely, warm day here!

My geese were able to remove their winter gear...

...and head out for a round of golf.

Later in the afternoon they enjoyed a cookout in the backyard.

The pool was open!

And friends dropped by for a game of touch football.

They're very excited about the holiday next week and have their outfits all ready.

Who knows? Maybe this Valentine's Day will lead to the altar?

(And upon said altar they shall be set ablaze and melted into unrecognizable hunks of plastic.)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Dear Shark,

You have been jumped.

Project Runway

Products of Convenience

I'm not one for toilet humor but...

...thank GOD someone finally came up with this! Using two hands to change the roll is simply unbearable.

And another miracle of product design...
Here is the text supporting this product:

"Self-adhesive handle installs in seconds to any toilet, allowing you to lift or lower the seat without touching it. Easy to use and easy to keep clean, it helps protect hands from toilet seat germs."

Excuse me? Is it easier to use and keep clean than that toilet seat itself? Does the beautiful scalloped edge keep germs at bay? And who Photoshopped that blue water onto the picture? Sorry, but they should be fired. It's not even remotely the right shape.

Apparently, this particular company thinks their customer base includes complete germaphobes as well as germ lovers. How else could you explain this:

Close up please.
That's right. For all you folks who are worried about germs being able to cling to the slick surface of your toilet seat, this new acrylic/poly knit cover will give them the extra traction they need. For those who can't find this item for sale in your area, you might consider just winding yarn around your toilet seat.

In other news,
I thought Jesus was a carpenter? Or maybe they're suggesting we crucify the police and firemen? Not sure.