Wednesday, February 20, 2008


After the 3 1/2 hour meeting this afternoon, which was filled with much debate, we are now united in saying:

Grey is the new brown.

You heard it here first.


brandy101 said...

so what will the "names " for this color be? (ie. - now we have "chocolate", not brown... "midnight" instead of black...)

Lemme guess: "graphite?"

Could it be called "bleak?"

jason said...

What will be the new grey then?

Homo Ono said...

@brandy101- I heard dove and silver fox thrown around but it will go through many more meetings before a name is chosen.

@jason- SILVER. Hands down. But like a warm silver- like pewter not sterling.

Indigo said...

Grey is the new brown? Sounds like my first car -- a heavily used 1981 Chevette. I never was quite sure what actual color it was supposed to be. Sorta reddish... greyish... brownish... Who can tell?