Tuesday, March 04, 2008


18 Months Ago: The company I worked for announced they were closing the NY office.

17 Months Ago: All executives in the NY office were offered a move to the new office or a generous severance package. I chose the latter.

16 Months Ago: I negotiated a better severance package by agreeing to help set up the new office on a temporary basis.

14 Months Ago: I stopped working.

14 Months Ago: I began to enjoy 12 months of essentially full pay and benefits w/o working.

1 Month Ago: I started my new job.

1 Week Ago: The old company declared bankruptcy. Everyone will be let go. No one is getting any severance this time.

How do I feel?

Option #1: Lucky
Option #2: Grateful
Option #2: Guilty

Guess which option I have chosen.

I've chosen option #2.

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