Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Song for a Sad Tuesday

Okkervil River- No Key, No Plan

My long absence from this spot was because of....
you've already guessed it

I will not bore you with the details of how many hours I've worked or how many tragic meetings I've been in. I've just been busy. But there is one situation I will detail:

For the last two weeks, I have gone out of my way, bent over backwards and taken great pains to keep secret a great mistake of a coworker. I have tried everything I could to keep from exposing the mistake, hoping that she would come forward and accept responsibility. She has been given every opportunity to do so. However, she did not and what has resulted is a situation where the company will now owe a large sum of money to a supplier to cover expenses for the mistake. Her superior is refusing to cover those and at whose feet do they now fall? Mine. She messed up. I tried to cover for her. When the situation grew so bad that I needed to tell her boss, the boss did not take the time to have a one on one meeting as I requested so that I could explain. The boss wrote the whole thing off as a miscommunication on my part because mistake-maker took no responsibility.

There is no way to sum this whole story up in a few words suitable for a blog but if I tried they would go something like this:

I tried to do something nice. I got screwed. Such is life. People suck. Amen.

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